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TG Green Teas Review/Giveaway

Hello, teafriends! I have series of three byte-sized reviews for you today, along with the first ever giveaway I’ll be featuring on this blog! Yay! 🙂 This post is made possible by my fantastic friends at TG Teas, to help celebrate the opening of their online tea shop!


These could be yours!! *drumroll*

More details on the contest will be made available at the end of this post. First, I encourage you to read my tiny reviews of the three loose leaf varieties TG Green Tea currently offers:

Green Tea

Brewing Guidelines: 80C, 2-3 minute steep time

Ingredients: Green Tea

Whenever I have bagged loose-leaf green tea lying around, I can almost guarantee it is what I will reach for the most when I’m looking for a quick cuppa above anything else I have. Therefore, it is quite important to be that that green tea be delicious! 😛 TG’s Green Tea fits the bill nicely- it is a simple, unassuming blend of Chinese green tea leaves with a toasted, nutty taste and sweet finish, and I love to dose it with a touch of honey when brewed both hot and cold to balance out the earthy flavors. Delicious! 🙂

Jujube & Osmanthus:

Brewing Guidelines: 80 C, 2-3 minute steep time

Ingredients: Green tea, Jujube Fruit, Osmanthus Flower

Having never tasted osmanthus flower or jujube in my life, I was definitely curious (and admittedly a bit cautious!) when trying this tea. The results were both surprising and soothing: the brew retains a strong toasty, savory quality from the green tea leaves with a light touch of fruity, cherry-like taste from the jujube berries, while the osmanthus flower contributes to the sweet, light aftertaste. I’m so pleased with the natural flavor of this tea- the green tea is the star of the show, while the jujube and osmanthus bits offer playful hints of springtime sweetness that really round out the body of the brew. This is a great morning or evening brew!

Ginger & Lemon Zest:

Brewing Guidelines: 80C, 2-3 minute steep time

Ingredients: Green Tea, Ginger, Lemon Peel

Yowza!! Just the scent of this tea’s dried leaves pack a serious, zingy punch! The brewed cup is just as fragrant with a serious emphasis on ginger goodness. The taste of the tea actually isn’t as intense as I was expecting, but to me, I actually find this to be a relief. As it should be, the taste of the green tea is most prevalent with an added citrus zing from the lemon pieces, while the bite of the ginger remains as an aftertaste warm on my tongue between sips. Sometimes I find the intense flavors and scents of most lemon & ginger teas to be a bit overpowering, especially given the fact usually the only time I really reach for them is when I have a sensitive stomach. It just seems like a bit of a contradiction! However, I believe TG’s Lemon & Ginger variety is the perfect marriage of the potency of lemon and ginger with the smoothness of green tea so that the ingredients bolster each other, rather than one masking the other. I can just imagine how comforting it would be to sip this tea if I was curled up in bed with the flu, though I hope I won’t be able to confirm that anytime soon. 😛

Contest is now closed! Thanks to everyone for playing! 🙂


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Tea From Vietnam’s Fish Hook Green Tea

Hello friends! 🙂 Happy New Year! I hope you’ve had a lovely festive season, and wish you a happy 2016. One of my new year’s resolutions is to focus on drinking more tea (something about living in London has gotten me hooked on Coca Cola, ugh), so I’m looking forward to filling this year with delicious and healthy iced and hot teas! To kick things off on this most happy New Year’s Day, I will be having a look at Tea From Vietnam’s Fish Hook tea.


According to the packaging, Fish Hook earned its name from a simple description of its unique appearance. Pretty accurate, I’d say! The leaves are delicate, fluffy, and have a strong vegetal scent with a fresh citrus finish.

Brewing Guidelines: 80 C | 2 minutes | 2 tsp per 200 mL


Oh my goodness, look at that beautiful spring green color! So lovely and calming- this tea is working wonders on me before I even have my first sip. 🙂 The brew tastes far more delicate than the scent of the leaves first hinted, with a grassy, buttery taste and a delightfully sweet finish that lingers long on your tongue.

The sweetness of this tea inspires slow, thoughtful tasting, and inevitably the brew has cooled rather significantly by the time I’ve finished the pot; however, the tea becomes especially refreshing once it’s hit room temperature. I cannot wait to try Fish Hook iced in the summertime- I can imagine taking it with me to the beach, beads of condensation dripping lazily down the walls of the jar as I sip and happily let the waves tickle my feet. Perfection! 🙂


I can’t get over how much I love the look of these leaves! I feel like I should have them for lunch as a little salad! I may have to look into that. 😛

To me, Fish Hook embodies everything I believe a green tea should be- refreshing, light, and with a simple flavor profile. It is the essence of spring and summertime, and inspires relaxation and fun. Get your swimsuits ready! Warm weather will be upon us before you know it. 🙂


Many thanks to Tea From Vietnam for providing this sample for review!