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Tea Descendants’ Earthy Rich Aroma Tea

Hello, tea pals! πŸ™‚ It’s nearly time for me to return to the USA! As of late I’ve found myself staring bewildered at my tea shelf quite often, wondering just what in the world I am going to do with all of my tins and loose teas before I go. Some of it will certainly come back with me, but an EPIC sipdown is still necessary if I’m to have room for anything else in my suitcases in only a month’s time. πŸ˜› The more tea I guzzle down, however, the more reviews I’ll scribble down- so it all works out!

Today I’ll be having a look at a rather mysterious tea, “Earthy Rich Aroma“, sent to me by theΒ  lovely folks over at Tea Descendants! ERA (as I shall now call it) came only with a tiny taste description and no brewing guidelines, so I’ll just have to fumble around a bit and hope for the best. I’ve opted to use my push-button glass teapot to extract the most flavor from the tea. Let’s do it!


The dried leaves smell earthy and toasty, and remind me quite a bit of roasted peanuts! I can’t help but be reminded of hanging out in Comerica Park with my uncle, munching peanuts (shells and all o_O) and watching the Tigers play. Opening Day is only a few weeks away!! WOO! Anywho, since the leaves look so tightly packed, I opted to only put a small amount in the infuser basket since I figured they’d open up and fill the pot after a few good steeps.

My Brewing Method:

1 tsp per 200 mL / 2 minutes first infusion, +1 minute for subsequent infusions / 212 F 100 C

1st Infusion


Interesting! The brewed tea smells of wet leaves, almost like stuffed grape leaves!! Not something I have ever experienced from a tea before, leaving me quite intrigued and very hungry for some Greek food. πŸ˜› The taste is a far cry from the peanuttiness of the dried leaves – it’s really buttery and thick, and leaves a faint, sweetly floral and leafy aftertaste.

2nd Infusion


The 2nd steep results in a taste that is still buttery and leafy, though this time with a slightly smokey aftertaste! The taste remains thick and full without any astringency, but I am starting to feel a bit thirsty after each sip, like I’m eating something salty! The peanuts appear to be making a sneaky comeback afterall! πŸ˜›

3rd Infusion


The brew is a lot lighter this time! Reminds me of a clementine, yum! The taste is still leafy and buttery, though not nearly as distinctive as in previous infusions, and with a slight astringent aftertaste that sticks to the back of one’s throat. I’m glad for the respite from saltiness, but I think it might be time to put this tea to bed. πŸ˜›


ERA feels like a tiny meal in itself, so much so that you may wish to have a little glass of water near you during your tea session.Β The savory, salty flavor profile of this tea is one that is best sought out for the chilly, dark days of winter. It tastes a bit too heavy for me now, but I can certainly appreciate when I would be in the mood for these types of flavors- like after spending an hour in the cold shoveling snow, perhaps! πŸ˜› Hopefully.. that won’t be for a while yet. Bring on the sunshine!!!!

Thanks again to Tea Descendants for sending me a sample of Earthy Rich Aroma for review!